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Hypoxia Studies

Monday 2nd June 2014

The regular Solent CO2 Workheads provide environmental control of 5% CO2 and Humidity. The basic principle is that the controlled atmosphere enters the closed cell at a rate slightly higher than it is leaking out. This equates to a flow in the order of 1-2 ml/min.

By exchanging the feed gas of 5% CO2 with say oxygen free nitrogen (OFN) cells can be observed in the absence of oxygen. For specific oxygen atmospheres e.g. 4.2% oxygen in nitrogen, the feed gas is simply brought in from a premixed gas cylinder.

Work of this nature has been published by:

D. Lambrechts, M. Roeffaers, G. Kerckhofs, S. J. Roberts, J. Hofkens, T. Van de Putte, H. Van Oostervvyck, J. Schrooten, Biomaterials 2013, 34, 922.

Fluorescent oxygen sensitive microbead incorporation for measuring oxygen tension in cell aggregates