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Innovative technologies in 2022

Many of the projects we have listed in this article have been considered to be people’s fantasies, but today, they are a component of the life of any regular man or woman. They are transforming our routine, and every new development has its value, even if it is simply a APK app or whole solar geoengineering.

Motion capture technology

If developing video games or cartoons is your favourite occupation, then we are sure that you have seen the following cliché. This is a man in a black tight suit, covered in sensors from head to toe. From the outside, they look ridiculous, but we are sure that these curious subjects perform important work in …

VoIP technology

With this technology called “VoIP”, modern people can exchange voice messages via Internet connection. VoIP technology has gained the greatest popularity in cloud telephony, through which telephony operates on the global and local levels of the Internet. The main objective of VoIP is to reduce the cost of international and long-distance calls, as well as …

The impact of modern technology on human beings

Science and technology are important elements in the life of any modern man. These terms have become clear to all of us, and they have now become entrenched in our world at the ordinary level. Various technological products change society’s habits every time they become the domain of humans, and sometimes this phenomenon functions in …