The question of using artificial intelligence in digital gambling is more about philosophy than practices and strategies to increase the number of wins. To begin with, it is worth mentioning that leading researchers in the field of brain function often say that science is still unclear about what human intelligence is, how it functions, and what tasks it solves.

But when the media talk about the glorious prospects of artificial intelligence, it tacitly implies the use of high-level computer programs. People create these programs and represent some complex algorithms.

At the same time, human beings are prone to making mistakes. Even the wisest people sometimes make mistakes. So here, a strategy based on artificial intelligence can beat digital casino games because there can be human errors or technical bugs in each source code of such a game. And there are indeed programs to improve the performance of online gambling.

Can artificial intelligence help the user make more successful bets in the Jet X game? Several gamers claim that, yes, indeed, it can. After all, based on the source code of this slot machine, a program has been developed that automatically analyses gameplay and advises when to bet and when to exit the game before the jet explodes.

JetX Betting Game
Jet X

JetX Betting Gamehas an uncomplicated but very dynamic and exciting plot. The user must place bets and increase his winnings until the plane crashes. To avoid losing, it is necessary to accurately guess the moment of the explosion.

In what kind of games can be appropriate to use artificial intelligence

There are categories of games that are based on pure chance. Is intelligence, artificial or natural, capable of predicting randomness? If we are talking about some perfectly unpredictable events on a mathematical level, it is obvious that intelligence can hardly significantly improve the game’s performance:

  1. Independent studies have shown that the performance of stock market traders using state-of-the-art computer programs and strategies was no better than that of players throwing ordinary dice.
  2. When it comes to intellectual games with some kind of story based on rules, in this context, having higher computational ability, memory, and attention helps a player beat his partners.
  3. Or when there are multiplayer tournaments, the game is based on logically designed stories and schemes. It is easy to imagine that higher computational abilities, whether human or machine, provide some advantages.

However, an ethical question arises here. What is the point of having human and computational machines compete? Or, to put it another way, if artificial intelligence were to play in a casino, we would discuss a skill competition between programmers developing programs on one side or the other.

And if you imagine a situation with artificial intelligence on one side and human intelligence on the other, it would be like pitting a robot against live athletes at the Olympics. However, it is far from certain that the robot will be able to outplay the human mind and intuition.

What is human intelligence?

Recently, reputable scientists have begun to express that the human brain is not a computing machine but a certain receiver connected to the so-called global information continuum. As a receiver, the brain sends questions and tasks to the cosmos and receives ready answers from the Universal Mind:

  1. If the concept described in the previous paragraph takes place at least partially, then it is obvious that no computing machine and computer program created by a human being will ever be able to resist the Universal Brain.
  2. Simply because according to the concept described above, all decisions concerning artificial intelligence, the creation of computers, and computer programs are given to man, if I may say so, by the Lord Himself.
  3. Would the Creator allow his creatures to oppose his actions or decisions?

As you can understand from all of the above, whenever we talk about artificial intelligence and its use in certain spheres of activity, particularly in online games and casinos, at the heart of it is always a question of the correctness of terminology. Depending on understanding the terms, it is possible to draw completely opposite conclusions every time.

However, to try your hand or use neural networks to beat the casino, you must first get a Jet X login and become a registered client of the gaming club.

You don’t need to withdraw your bank card and bet real money immediately. Especially since the free Jet X demo application allows you to try your luck and fate. Playing for virtual bets fully repeats the real slot machine but without the chance of failing money early.

Also, when registering, a new user can get a pretty significant gift from the institution – bonus code Jet X and a certain number of free opportunities for the game, which, in case of luck, can be converted to hard currency and get your hands on it.

When it comes to the use of artificial intelligence to increase the chances in such a game, based on random drops and unpredictable moments of a jet plane crash, it is obvious that it is assumed that as a result of careful analysis of the game rounds, it will be possible to identify a certain failure in the computer program. Based on this, there is a real chance to increase the results.