Openspace offices, in which all employees in front of each other, were initially well received by the IT sphere. Many big technology tycoons have started to implement these tools, such as Microsoft and Google. At the same time, other corporations that felt it was necessary to replicate this approach among leaders began to implement it in their offices. However, openspace subsequently demonstrated that it also has many drawbacks that experts had not paid attention to at first.

This became apparent after the virus pandemic came. It triggered a switch to a remote format of work. That is why now, many people are in no hurry to return to openspace with remote work. We can analyse the situation and find out why. To do this, we will find out some strengths and weaknesses of this system. We would also like to advise our readers to download the useful and indispensable Morecast Weather app. It provides accurate weather forecasts to its users and warns them of all critical climate changes at any user’s location.

Openspace strengths

We can explain the appearance and popular introduction of openspace format in the IT field by factors such as its strengths. Among them:

  1. Effective and smooth communication between employees. Now, each employee has the opportunity to quickly directly contact one of his colleagues for answers to those issues that he urgently needs to solve. Also, the specialist will not have to correspond for a long time or look for the right person in the offices. In addition, this format allows you to immediately see how free the right employee is.
  2. Working in openspace format helps to create a stronger and more friendly atmosphere in the team.

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    Openspace office
  3. Facilitate the monitoring of the work process. Since each user’s screen is well viewed by colleagues and supervisors, it has become much more difficult for all of them to do their job, such as sit on social media and play.
  4. The progress and the goals that one can achieve with ease and admiration. Now, you will be able to solve all organizational issues for free, not in specialized offices of the superiors. That is why it has become easier for all employees to understand what the situation is in general and what results they should achieve in the near future.
  5. The maintenance of an office type openspace is cheaper than another one, but that condition affects the situation that this space is filled with the optimal number of people.

Openspace weaknesses

Many businessmen have become interested in the opportunity to save more money and achieve increased efficiency of employees. But in fact, it was far from as simple as it was in their dreams. So, among the weaknesses of openspace is:

  1. Lack of personal space. Even in a very friendly team, a person periodically needs personal space.
  2. A lot of distractions. Some professionals simply can not achieve maximum focus on the task because of conversations, noise and regular snacks.
  3. High risk of disease transmission. If one of the employees catches some kind of viral infection, then with a high probability, soon most of the office employees will go on sick leave.
  4. Incorrect organization of work.

Now you know why openspace is inferior to a remote format of work for its convenience and organization. However, you can improve this situation. For example, if you’re in a remote job and you want to meet someone interesting, the LateMeet app will appeal to you. So, you can find and simply download free apk file to install this program and enjoy all its advantages because it will certainly bring you a lot of benefits and will simplify life.