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How can technology help Muslims in presenting prayers

In our fast-paced world, technology serves as a valuable tool for Muslims seeking to enrich their experience during the sacred month of Ramadan. Let’s delve into how technology can elevate your Ramadan journey, providing support and guidance throughout this holy month. Strengthen Your Faith with Prayer and Quran Apps Maintaining a strong connection to your …


«Yuzhuralzoloto» continues to grow: gold price dynamics and dividend announcement

Shares of “Yuzhuralzoloto” experienced a nearly 4% surge after the financial reports were released, signaling positive news for investors. The company witnessed a remarkable 19% increase in revenue over the last year, reaching ₽67.8 billion. This upward trend is primarily credited to the previous year’s rise in gold prices, significantly boosting the company’s financial performance. …

IT and property

Neural networks for realtors: how AI can help you succeed in the property market

Artificial Intelligence is taking off several times faster than the internet and cell phones. Today, we will discuss the international real estate market and AI and how to use it. This will be a detailed analysis of the topic. Five short theses on how AI will impact real estate in–rosso-bay-residences  and all of us: There will be …

IT and Gold Mining

Implementing IT Technologies in Gold Mining: A Guide

As we progress into the digital age, businesses across all sectors leverage Information Technology (IT) to enhance their operations. The gold mining industry is no exception, and the successful experience of industry leaders such as Konstantin Strukov confirms this. Implementing IT can significantly improve operational efficiency, safety measures, and sustainability practices. Here’s a step-by-step guide …


Timur Turlov shared his thoughts on the prospects of blockchain

Timur Turlov, the head of the investment group Freedom Holding Corp., recently expressed his skepticism about the potential of blockchain technology in developing new financial instruments. He questioned whether cryptocurrencies could rapidly supplant traditional money within the financial system. Turlov confessed that he needs to fully comprehend the significant advantages of blockchain or how it …