The modern world has become only possible with IT technology. That’s why none of us is surprised that it found its reflection in mass culture, including in films of different genres. Below is a brief description of the most interesting films of recent years. Also, you can see the full selection, and to do this, you should install the Klede app.

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Best IT technology movies

Below are briefly described five good movies that show how IT technology has already transformed the modern world. In addition, each of the presented pictures will please you by its excellent plot, cast and special effects. We wish you a pleasant viewing.


This is a picture featuring Johnny Depp that will tell you about IT technology. You better not miss it. Although Transcendence is not a masterpiece and it is not worth viewing for the second time, you can analyse the topic of artificial intelligence in this film. The character of Johnny Depp is a specialist in the field of IT.

Who Am I

This is one of those movies that promise us nothing surprising at first. But when the credits begin to appear, we already understand that it will be a masterpiece. This is a hacker movie that shows us the world of modern cybercriminals and has a very unpredictable ending.

In addition, there is great cameraman and actor work, beautiful music and crazy action that will not let you relax for a second. This film was very well received by the public, and many critics are sure that it makes viewers think bigger and introduces us to the reverse side of hackers’ lives in a very exciting way.

Who Am I


Although few expected Ashton Kutcher to play Steve Jobs well, he did so well that everyone was surprised at his talent. Also, the head of the multi-billion dollar corporation Apple is depicted by what billions of users around the world have seen as the true messiah in jeans from IT technology.

The film tells the story of how things started. For example, how a large corporation was born in one of the American garages. This story is shown quite truthfully, describing complicated characters, ups and downs, friendship and betrayal. So this is a typical history of becoming a great man and his corporation.

Social network

It’s another movie about a multi-billion dollar corporation called Facebook. Compared to Jobs, this one is deeper and more interesting, and Jesse Eisenberg as Zuckerberg is just gorgeous. However, we do not have to be surprised by the quality of this film, because one of the best directors of modern times named David Fincher belongs to the creation of it.

You can rest assured that the Social Network is worth watching because the producers of this film spent more than $40 million to shoot it, and its profits reached $230 million. In addition, Fincher’s directing was presented for the Oscar Award in eight nominations.


The Algorithm is a film that you can find in Russian with an amateur translation. But those people should watch this, who are seriously interested in IT technologies and the topic of hacking. Compared to similar movies and TV shows about the everyday life of modern hackers, this amazing Algorithm is very serious and will not make you charmed by anything.

So, this project is aimed at an adult thinking viewer, not teenagers and boys. This film will appeal to those people who understand the subject and can analyse the lives of hackers who break the law. In the Algorithm, you’ll see the secret service catching hackers and morally breaking them to work for themselves.