Progress is an active process and modern people each year meet the emergence of new technologies in different areas of their lives. Some of them remain unclaimed ones. However, some new products are popular with users in a short time. Some developers create popular applications such as Myasian TV or Levidia, while others design 3D. In this article, we describe those technologies that have appeared recently in the modern world, but have already become very popular and interesting for users from different countries.

Hydrogen aircraft

The test plane, which has hydrogen fuel components, will take place in 2022. The invention was developed at the Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands. Today, scientists are developing a two-seat aircraft, but soon it will be a 20-seat ship, including passenger ones. Universal Hydrogen is a California corporation that has decided to finish testing this aircraft with a 40-seat project. According to plans, 2022 will be the release of this ship.

Treatment for malaria and HIV

Moderna is a corporation that has been developing an HIV vaccine for many years, but still uses the same technology that was the basis of the Covid-19 vaccine. The HIV vaccine is already in the early stages of clinical trials. So BioNTech corp is developing a malaria vaccine and it started its clinical trials in 2022, that is, very recently. The best scientists at Oxford develop these vaccines.

Bone implants through 3D printing

Researchers from Particle3D and A.D.A.M. plan to print out human bones using 3D printers. So they plan to implant them in people in 2022 as part of routine surgery. Both of these corporations use calcium-based minerals in their works. Computer tomography images of customers are the foundation of such 3D printing.

myasian tv
Bone implant

Solar geoengineering

Solar geoengineering is aimed at controlling solar radiation. Scientists believe that ash and dust from volcanoes have a cooling effect, which means that solar engineering could do the same. The scientists at Harvard planned an experiment called SCoPEx in 2022. They plan to launch a balloon into the stratosphere and drop a few kilograms of classified material from it. After this event, they will analyse exactly how it reacted to solar energy and whether it was able to dissipate it.

Delivery drones

In Ireland, Manna started the project, which delivers essentials by drone, that is, in the air. Today, its researchers said that they plan to expand the area of providing these services to the UK.  Dronamics is a Bulgarian project that plans to use drones to transport cargo between 40 airports in Europe.

Home through 3D printer

In today’s world, all kinds of miracles are possible. That is why the California-based Mighty Buildings company is completing the construction of 16 buildings, which were created using a 3D printer. Another ICON project planned to build 100 houses near the city of Austin.This 3D construction of houses will be the largest project for this corporation, and we have only to observe this process.

Sintetic fish and meat

In 2022, researchers created several new projects that will help mankind grow artificial meat and fish. So, they’re planning on getting permission to sell these items. The Israeli company SuperMeat plans to obtain permission to sell artificial chicken burgers, and Finless Foods Corporation from California will begin trading artificial tuna products soon.

Many of the projects we have listed in this article have been considered to be people’s fantasies, but today, they are a component of the life of any regular man or woman. They are transforming our routine, and every new development has its value, even if it is simply a APK app or whole solar geoengineering.