Every time we hear the phrase “artificial intelligence”, the first thing that comes to mind is fantastic stories and novels.We think of the Terminator and some killer robots with a passion for destroying the entire planet.

In science fiction, artificial intelligence has long been the cause of conflict between robots and humans. And there is nothing wrong with that. Robots and humans have lived through many historical events together.And various tense moments between the non-living and the living often had quite unfortunate consequences.

Artificial intelligence in science fiction is usually presented as an anthropomorphic robot. A machine always has a voice, a mind, and a body.And there are far fewer examples of when artificial intelligence was presented as what it really is: as a field of computer science research.

The Advent of Artificial Intelligence

The idea of ​​creating artificial intelligence first appeared when people were just starting to work with computers.Alan Turing, the founder of modern systems, talked about artificial intelligence in his article published back in 1960.He knew that it was possible to create a computer that would have the ability to think.

He conducted a special test whose purpose was to find out whether computers have a sufficient level of intelligence. It tested the machine’s ability to demonstrate intelligence. It was important to find out if a computer could deceive a person while communicating with him.

The test turned out to be very useful. It allowed people to understand how complicated a computer is.According to its results, machines are quite capable of imitating human behavior.However, this does not say anything about their mental behavior and consciousness.

Later, scientists conducted other studies. They tried to recreate the human brain and came up with the idea of perceptrons. In other words, it was the concept of artificial neurons, while the algorithms themselves were called neural networks.

Artificial Intelligence

The Current State of Artificial Intelligence

The term artificial intelligence is considered a bit of a misnomer these days. This term simply refers to technologies capable of endowing machines and computers with intelligence. Modern AI includes a wide variety of methods.Each of them allows people to significantly expand the capabilities of computers.The list of these methods includes neural networks, cognitive computing, and more.The current level of development of artificial intelligence helps people answer the question of what will happen if the computing system becomes very powerful.

The answer to the question is no, artificial intelligence will not cause evil robots to appear. In reality, it will greatly simplify many tasks for organizations and companies.Machine learning is already often used to solve the problem of advertising personalizationor improve the recommendation system.There is a lot of different data in the world.And sometimes people need to get some help from machines to deal with it.Computers use intelligent algorithms and thus help people make the only right decisions.

There is still a very long way to go.It is important to teach computershow to think and understand.Although machines have incredible abilities and power, they are not that smart.They cannot experience and perceive the world around them as humans.In addition, machines do not know what responsibility is. And the chances that something about this will change in the near future are small. The process of artificial intelligence development is fast.And it truly has a great future.