Science and technology are important elements in the life of any modern man. These terms have become clear to all of us, and they have now become entrenched in our world at the ordinary level. Various technological products change society’s habits every time they become the domain of humans, and sometimes this phenomenon functions in a positive way, sometimes in a negative one. Modern technological progress works wonders, and none of us can refute that claim, because it is a fact. The geniuses of the modern technological world develop such inventions that make our life more comfortable, interesting and safer. In this article, we describe how modern technology affects humans.

Wellbeing or stress: modern impact technology

Modern technological progress began to be combined with the development of artificial intelligence. The global community believes that the development of AI technologies will lead mankind to increased prosperity, as robots will free people from many of the same types of operations. Such androids will perform their work qualitatively and efficiently, as well as without costs and errors. On the other hand, the development of AI has an impact on increasing the life expectancy of people and increasing their active part of life. Thanks to recent developments in the field of biotechnology, we can say that in the near future,  doctors will begin to diagnose and treat many incurable diseases.

In addition to the benefits of the technological process, we should describe its threat to society. Electronic devices replace real life for people, erasing the boundaries between work and private life. They cause stress and insomnia because people always want to be connected and do not have time to absorb all the information that comes into their lives from the Internet. The human brain does not have time to rest, therefore, it is in «high alert mode» regularly. This phenomenon poses a threat to the human psyche and forms a conflict between the natural abilities of the human body and the world of high-speed artificial intelligence. Based on this reflection, we can conclude that modern technology affects our lives both positively and negatively.

Modern technology

How modern technology affects our lives

From the time when manual labour was replaced by mechanised one, the era of robotization and automation began. Technological progress has shifted to information technology and automation of all spheres of human activity. This stage has not ended for mankind and today it continues. Today, man is the manager of many processes that have become the responsibility of robots and machines with artificial intelligence. Now, we’re going to describe a few examples of how technology has changed our lives:

  • automated systems and robots teach people new skills and store large amounts of information;
  • people began to communicate a lot via the Internet;
  • many services in mobile devices make our life more comfortable (ordering food at home, assistance in moving around the city, ordering a taxi, etc.);
  • people got new opportunities (such as mobile photo editors and anonymous online communication), but they all led to psychological problems in some cases.

The human impact of modern technology is enormous, and today, humanity has technologies and capabilities that we couldn’t have dreamed of three decades ago. Time is rapidly progressing and new technologies are emerging every day. They change the modern world every time, and we are confident that in twenty years’ time society will be different from our present reality. Modern technology has changed man today, and it will change that in the same way for decades to come.